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Resident against foot bridge

April 30, 2011 I am Judy Shanholtz. I live at 207 Rocky St. more »»

American nears edge of default

April 21, 2011 During his presidency, George W. Bush increased the national debt from $5.95 trillion to $9.815 trillion by the end of his term. more »»

Many thanks goes to center

April 15, 2011 Saturday, April 9 was to be Potomac Valley Audubon’s 10th annual “This Race is for the Birds!”, a trail race and kids’ fun run held as a fundraiser in support of our youth programs. more »»

The U.S. must help when asked

April 15, 2011 The Libyan people rose up against their dictatorial and murderous president, and asked for world help to overthrow the tyrant and establish a democracy in Libya, but the world, including the U.S. more »»

Delegate speaks out about letter

April 15, 2011 It was with amazement that I read the letter from Patricia Rucker in the April 8 edition of The Chronicl. more »»

The action in Libya is needed

April 15, 2011 To all who oppose the action in Libya: I say you’re “unpatriotic.” “Support the President.” “Partisanship stops at the border. more »»

Major victory for StopPATHWV

April 8, 2011 On behalf of StopPATHWV, Inc. more »»

Delegates should explain their votes

April 8, 2011 I am writing on behalf of average, everyday citizens here in Jefferson County, WV. Gasoline is costing more, which is affecting the cost of food and just about all items we need. more »»

Research results should be public

April 1, 2011 Dear Senator Manchin, We the People fund our government. When the government “invests” in research, the results of that research are our property. more »»

Industries at bay: ones to prevail

April 1, 2011 The panhandle planning commissions will be considering new storm water management legislation from the regional planners whose primary thrust is to benefit Chesapeake Bay industries at our expens... more »»

Civil war facts are distorted

March 25, 2011 Once again, as we enter another important anniversary of our Civil War, misleading information about the true facts of the war’s cause and the nature of those who were involved with the war are bein... more »»

Monies should go to Buckles family

March 25, 2011 I knew Frank Buckles and wish I knew him longer. He was kind enough to allow me to interview him on seven occasions, and for that I’m deeply grateful. more »»

Frontier high speed internet lacking

March 25, 2011 In many ways living in wonderful and wild West Virginia is a good thing but when it comes to competition, not so good. more »»

Henry legal claims rebuffed

March 18, 2011 The Shepherdstown Men’s Club and a number of other community organizations and residents were greatly relieved to receive the March 3, 2011, decision of U. S. more »»

Get out, Rep. Gordan Hintz

March 18, 2011 Why is decrying Wisconsin state Rep. Gordan Hintz verbal assault on fellow state Rep. more »»

Former proposals haven’t been made

March 18, 2011 I read with interest the recent Letter to the Editor regarding the Riverfront Revitalization effort. more »»

Person should decide not state

March 11, 2011 On Gay Marriage: I recommend reading “Justice and Social Order” by Emil Brunner. This brings to bear reasoning between Absolute & Positive Justice. more »»

Revenue from marijuana: Good

March 11, 2011 Delegate Mike Manypenny (D -Taylor) has recently introduced House Bill 3251, The Compassionate Use of Marijuana Act, which allows for the use of marijuana as a medicine under the supervision of a... more »»

Our government is the best

March 4, 2011 I was born in 1922. I am a WWII Veteran and 88 years of age. I was born during what the government call the notch. This is hard to understand because we paid mor. more »»

Politics would be silenced with bill

March 4, 2011 There is troubling legislation pending in the House of Delegates that would force West Virginia to cast its electoral votes for president according to the national popular vote, whatever it might be... more »»



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