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Hazel: a hurricane worse than Irene

September 9, 2011 Irene and an earthquake in one week — now that is news. I remember a hurricane that was much worse and followed a similar path as Irene. more »»

Enjoying the youthfulness of being old

August 11, 2011 Many us of who are starting to age wish we could go back to our younger days. Many feel that they would enjoy their youth even more. more »»

To the beach: A ferry trip to remember

July 14, 2011 Before there was a bay bridge, there were ferries. In 1951 my grandparents took me to Ocean City for the first time. more »»

A long, hot summer

June 10, 2011 The long, hot summer started early this year. My favorite times of the year are fall and spring. Winters and summers were just there to live throug. more »»

Ground level ozone is always all around us

June 4, 2011 Ground level ozone is formed by combining nitrogen oxide, volatile organic compounds and the heat of the su. more »»

Getting older can mean getting smarter

May 12, 2011 The last few nights I have been working on becoming a Cockney. I have a small part in “My Fair Lady” playing at the Old Opera House in Charles Town. At 68, I’m learning something new. more »»

How ever-changing history shapes us

April 8, 2011 As I remember or is it as I see it? They are two distinctive things. I remember the past with warm memories, that part of my pas. more »»

Before television there were the movies

March 11, 2011 It looks like spring is about to spring. Wake up, my friends. The long hibernation is over. The Oscar show came and went, and I must say, I was happy with the winner, “The King’s Speec. more »»

Remembering my uncle with Alzheimer’s

February 11, 2011 I have noticed that this last year I have started to write more notes to myself about things that need to be done. more »»

The cold winter takes an extra appreciation

January 14, 2011 Remember that old song that has a verse that goes, “The clouds get darker and the days grow colder?” Well here we are the second week of January. I am lucky. more »»

The age of pencils and paper has passed

December 31, 2010 This is a blank sheet of paper. When I was a kid it was a piece of white paper which had a head and several lines. more »»

Gray days, caves provide a beautiful trip

December 17, 2010 As we get closer to Christmas, the more I want to slow time down just a mile or two. The winter is not for away. First of all let me say how much I use to love gray day. more »»

‘Tis the season to take time and reminisce

December 3, 2010 The Christmas season is here. The next four weeks will be a series of parties, dinners and exchanging gifts between and loved ones. To me it’s the finale to the fall season. more »»

Fall brings back fond memories

September 24, 2010 Fall, what a wonderful time of year. Fall is my favorite time of year. From the time I was a tot to now, I enjoy the fall. more »»

Life Marches on

September 17, 2010 I was in a store last week getting things for a birthday party. more »»

There’s still some youth in all of us

August 20, 2010 There is an old song called “Growing up is hard to do.” I think some times there should be another called “Getting older is hard to do. more »»

Small businesses are engine of America

August 13, 2010 This past weekend there was an article in The Journal about Craftworks at Cool Spring regarding its classes focusing on the “artist as an entrepreneur. more »»

Sandlot ball: Less competitive, more fun

August 6, 2010 Recently, I went to a little league game and watched a bunch of kids play their hearts out for seven innings. It reminded me of playing baseball when I was young. more »»

On Christmas past, present & future

December 25, 2009 Christmases may come and go . . . a line from a song, but in real life it’s hard to believe that I have seen 67 of them. There are people older then I who have seen a lot more. more »»

Ten lessons I am thankful for, at 67

November 27, 2009 Thanksgiving is a special time of year where family and close friends come together for a thanksgiving dinner. more »»



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