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This week from Charleston

May 31, 2013 First, as an update to last week's column on the Speaker's race, I have endorsed Del. Tim Miley of Harrison County for Speaker of the House. I have known De. more »»

This week from Charleston

May 24, 2013 The number one topic this week in the Legislature-and perhaps in the entire political scene of West Virginia is the anticipated June 15, 2013 resignation of House of Delegates Speaker Rick Thompso... more »»

This week from Charleston

May 10, 2013 I was surprised to be named by a Charleston newspaper last week as one of the top 25 members with a high "batting" average on legislation during the sessio. more »»

This week from Charleston

May 6, 2013 One of the bills awaiting the Governor’s signature is HB 2960, would allow consumers to appeal denials of coverage by health insurance companie. more »»

A Walkable Campus: Shepherd's New Master Plan

May 6, 2013 On April 17 and 18 Robert A. M. more »»

This week from Charleston

April 26, 2013 I am finally home and playing a lot of catch up. The challenge with any part-time legislature is balancing work life and public service. more »»

Curt Mason: He saw a need and he filled it

April 19, 2013 I got on Curt Mason’s regionally famous events list early. more »»

This week from Charleston

April 12, 2013 This has been a hectic week with little time outside of my committee room or the main chamber. more »»

This week from Charleston

April 5, 2013 By the time this paper is published, "cross-over" day will have occurred. Cross-over day is a critically important day in the Legislature. more »»

This week from Charleston

March 28, 2013 This week two of my bills passed out of the Judiciary Committee, hopefully towards passage in the full House. more »»

This week from Charleston

March 15, 2013 This week saw the House vote on its second gun bill of this year's session. Although the bills' sponsors were Democrats, I voted no. more »»

A preview of a summer day

March 15, 2013 6:30 a.m.: A red bird is knocking on my window. I don’t really want to wake just yet, but I drift out of my dozy slumber to “tick tick,” “tick”, tick tick”. more »»

This week from Charleston

March 11, 2013 This week saw the effective end of the bipartisan Eastern Panhandle caucus. This is a real shame. Caucuses are groups of legislators who have common interests. more »»

Considering the 'New Normal'

February 15, 2013 As I look forward to spring and all of its wonderful refreshing new beginnings I turn to thoughts of myself and my next chapter in this life. more »»

A Different View from the Inside

January 18, 2013 Astrologically speaking, I am a bundle of opposites. I was born literally on the cusp of Leo and Cancer. more »»

1972-The year I ruined Christmas

December 21, 2012 When I was five and just a tiny squirt, I totally ruined Christmas. more »»

What to watch out for when donating to charity

November 30, 2012 (StatePoint) Even when times are tough, many Americans budget a portion of their assets to go to charity. more »»

Reasons to be thankful for the holidays

November 16, 2012 What makes me thankful as the holiday season arrives once again? As the inevitable rush of retail store ads and TV infomercials pound us relentlessly with annoying pressure and the tacky yet... more »»

The rocking chair – a ghost story

October 19, 2012 Her mother woke with an uneasy feeling at 2 a.m. She couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong, she just felt like something was, well, wrong. more »»

The Tango between seasons

September 21, 2012 Lady Summer bade a disgruntled farewell last night as Prince Autumn rode in on his royal chestnut steed to announce his presence. They will Tango a complicated kind of graceful swing for now. more »»



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