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Get out, Rep. Gordan Hintz

March 18, 2011
Russell Harbaugh, Harpers Ferry resident

Why is decrying Wisconsin state Rep. Gordan Hintz verbal assault on fellow state Rep. Michelle Litjens so difficult? "You're (expletive) dead" following a vote on the floor of the Wisconsin Statehouse. Think back scarcely a month to the horrors in Arizona, didn't President Obama admonish us to comport ourselves with civility? What happened? Did Hintz lose a vote? Well, yes. Don't agree with the outcome, go ahead intimidate a female colleague. For those that worked hard to burst the glass ceiling that used to be female representation in government, what a kick in the teeth. Where are your voices? This outrage is beyond party affiliation fellow Democrats. Force this man out. Nothing short of his immediate resignation is acceptable to any of us. We can and must do better. P.S. Hintz was arrested on a prostitution charge this last week. Brightest and best?



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