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Founders would have had solar power

November 11, 2011
Shepherdstown Chronicle

I have read with interest the story about the planning commission rejecting one of our citizen's application to install solar panels on his rooftop. It led me to think back to the folks that first settled in Shepherdstown.

I don't think that they had a second thought about building with brick instead of logs. I'm sure that when metal roofing was available and made economic sense it was installed quickly. It seems to me that they would be scratching their heads wondering what is happening here. These forward thinking pioneers left Europe for the frontier. They looked to the future as full of possibilities and a way to improve their quality of life.

Do these elected leaders really want to look backward and keep our citizens stuck in the past?

Com'n man Thomas Sheperd would be one of the first in line to install solar panels when he could afford them. He would stand proudly surveying the roof of his home pleased that he was one of the leaders in the town who took advantage of the next innovation to make himself independent. As leaders of this community, you should be looking for ways to make this happen and inspiring others in the town to look for similar solutions. We should be looking to show the way to other "historic" communities on converting to these new technologies in a way that honors the foresight of those who came here for the freedom to live an independent life.

George Baker




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