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9 days ago.
by Jester01
The Open Mic Comedy Club

Posts: 495 - Share your humor with your favorite jokes 24/7!!! ***Disclaimer*** Remember to keep it tasteful and give credit to whom it is due.

248 days ago.
by ScottieThePoliticalMime
I want to tell you one more thing I know about the ......

Posts: 388 - We are lucky that we live in the era of the Moocher Ranchers that can provide us the wisdom to live our lives.

248 days ago.
by ScottieThePoliticalMime
Observations of the Mothman

Posts: 754 - Post your observations from daily news which may "leave a mark" on our nation, state, county, municipalities or society as a whole. If you have a solution than please share i.

554 days ago.
by ScottieThePoliticalMime
Snow Removal

Posts: 7 - I noticed that the shepherdstown dump trucks were getting filled with snow all day and coming back empty.

554 days ago.
by ScottieThePoliticalMime
July 6 Healthcare Editorial

Posts: 17 - The July 6, 2012 editorial on Healthcare is breathtaking in its lack of informed opinion.

554 days ago.
by ScottieThePoliticalMime
Corporate Phone Spying Is Becoming a Big Deal Recently

Posts: 32 - The story of the Major League investigation of Biogenesis and the use of banned substances by major league players has a sub-text --the use of technology to recover information from mobile phones...

589 days ago.
by anuttiermutter
road closures in and around Sh-town

Posts: 14 - Could someone in town post any road closures they have come across?

597 days ago.
by Dirtman
Will spring ever come ?

Posts: 20 - Nope !Not this year .