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18 days ago.
by abcxyz

road closures in and around Sh-town

Could someone in town post any road closures they have come across?


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Well, you go on resting on that thought. I see another so legacy land trust set aside was swapped by the park services. Nothings permanent, my friend.

And with all the lil northern Va types chasing the function out this way something tells me the cozy will get cast aside for a bigger and hopefully uglier bridge to where we are.

The eco preservationists won no friends taking part in the absolute rewriting of Civil War history at our parks. Im still trying to process why it matters that 1 home--in a town of hundreds-- was built by an african american and thats as important as the thousands of men that died in battle around it. Smacking my head V-8 style over that one

Posted 18 days ago.


The Natonal Park service will never allow it nor the tree huggers

Posted 18 days ago.

Its called infrastructure. And given the Eco Worshipers refusal to allow a wider road and bridge in that area mud slides are what you get.

But there is hope with all these new Northern VA trypes coming here. They have no love of the area so it will be real easy getting them to see the sense of a bigger bridge AND road. And its a good thing.

Posted 18 days ago.


it was something else............ Mother nature redecorated !Here's your sign !

Posted 18 days ago.

Or was it something else?

Posted 19 days ago.


chestnut hill rd in Harpers Ferry shut down sunday morning because of a mudslide

Posted 22 days ago.

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