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July 6 Healthcare Editorial

The July 6, 2012 editorial on Healthcare is breathtaking in its lack of informed opinion. I would think that the editor of the Chronicle would make some effort to read the news before providing opinions. The questions listed are easily answered: In essence, the cost of medicaid expansion is paid for by a tax on high income earners and on luxury healthcare plans. The cost for accepting pre-existing conditions is mandatory coverage. The 1% of people who pay the penalty/tax for not getting coverage would pay $695/yr or 2.5% of income - whichever is greater. Private insurance policies are not affected. Malpractice costs are not significant to the overall cost of healthcare. There is no government bureaucrat limiting treatment beyond what already occurs with medicare. There are incentives to keep employers from dropping existing coverage. The bulk of the plan doesn't begin until 2014. Let's stop looking for excuses and join other developed nations in providing health care for our citizens.


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