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Chronicle launches

By Staff | Dec 19, 2008

Beginning this week, readers of www.shepherdstownchronicle.com will notice significant improvements in the Web site, which has grown to be a definitive source for news and information about the region. With the change comes a whole new look.

“We are working hard to assure the site is as relevant to our online readers as possible, bringing you in a digital format the news and information you need and want. We’ve had the same mission as a printed newspaper for years,” said Craig Bartoldson, publisher. “Dan Friend has done a tremendous job with the Chronicle in print form as its editor, and we both agree that by improving the digital version of the paper, we are striving to improve both the online and offline experience you get when you read our newspaper.”

Behind the modern look of the site, readers will find a score of enhanced features that include:

Calendars. The Chronicle’s calendar should help readers better plan their daily lives. Have something you want to submit to the calendar? You can do so directly from the site.

More polls

You will find more chances to express your opinion on the new site. The Chronicle plans to use more polls and more often, sometimes within a story itself.

User comments

Users are free to comment on most stories they read on the site. The Chronicle wants to involve readers through polls and comments and add a human touch to the site while making it more relevant to our readers.

More information in general

The new site allows the Chronicle to post more information to explain a story. With the new site, the newspaper can post more photos with each story, provide the reader links to more information and links to documents that may in some case provide background information for a story.


The new site allows readers to register for their own account. Registration is important because it allows you to post comments on stories, blogs and polls. It also allows you to post photos to our popular CU photo-sharing site. The site provides readers a view of thousands of photos of the area and is already popular with readers.


Look for some quick-hitting blogs to appear on shepherdstownchronicle.com covering a variety of topic. Blogs are a great way of including the public in the news process and we hope you enjoy the addition.

Stories where you expect them

The new site allows the Chronicle to post stories in more than one location. A story about a store being damaged by floods could be found under business and news.

Read the news when and where you want. The site adds a mobile edition that allows you to access the site via your cell phone or PDA device.

E-mail alerts

Registered users can sign up to get an e-mail whenever an event is posted containing the keywords that interests them.

Advertising options also have been improved

Local business now have more options to get their messages across, including more sizes of ads, even the option to put their newspaper ads on the home page.