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Streetscape project is like vandalism of Shepherdstown

By Staff | Jan 2, 2009

In the name of “progress” the historic character of Shepherdstown is being irreversibly compromised by the so-called new “streetscape” of German Street.

One of the best preserved main streets in the state and region with its incomparable collection of 18th, 19th and 20th century buildings that have slowly evolved over more than two centuries is being transformed into a characterless Disneyland with all the charm of a shopping mall in Sterling Park or Martinsburg.

A shocking sample of the desecration-in- progress can be seen at Church and German Street in front of Trinity Church and the handsome former Presbyterian Manse across the street now a superbly restored private residence.

Not only has the character of the street been altered by ugly “planters” projecting into the intersection creating a safety hazard, the crude concrete curbing will be extended to Princess Street.

Instead of the careful restoration of the time-worn sidewalks that reflect the patina of time of the town’s long history with every step, we are being given walks of a cheap composition brick held together with plastic chalking that will last about as long as a politician’s cosmetic makeover.

Only the outrage of the concerned, conservative citizens voicing their opposition to the town council can bring this vandalism to a halt.

William Howard Adams


(former Trustee

of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial

at Monticello)