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Christmas Tea was a great success this year

By Staff | Jan 9, 2009

The holiday season will soon be over, and our lives will return to all the hum-drum things we do in life. But for awhile, we had enjoyed many wonderful activities that only Shepherdstown can produce. One of these special events was the first Shepherdstown Christmas Tea. By all accounts, it was a great success. It could never have happened without the help of all the wonderful volunteers that came to my aid when I asked.

My committee coordinators, Anne Petrullo and Suzy Yates put in many long hours in helping plan it. Liz Kyle and Meg Spurlin made the incredible, edible Shepherdstown Gingerbread buildings, that were raffled off, with tickets being sold by Sylvia Boyer. A beautiful garland was made for us by Meg Spurlin of the Potomac-Mechlinburg Garden Club.

A tea isn’t a tea without the three Tea Ladies: Vicky Thomas, Vickie Lanham and Paula Russo. Our gorgeous teacups were loaned to us by Donn Marshall and his Shelley A. Marshall Foundation. Vina Vaughn Parmesano greeted everyone in her Victorian costume and helped Eunice Earle who took care of the ticket table.

Suzy Yates and Diane Cushing sold the baked goods that were cheerfully baked for me by Esther Murphy, Marty Bowen, Aileen Boyd, Vickie Walker, Winnie Bernat, Suzy Yates, Anne Eden, Libby Howard (who baked a basket full of dog biscuits), Martha Young, Vickie Smith, Vina Vaughn Parmesano, Honnor Dorsey, Judy Olsen, Ed Moore, Alice McCarthy, Lolly Martin, Anne Petrullo, Mary Stanley, Liz Kyle and Diane Cushing.

Judy Olsen spent many hours creating fliers and posters for me. A very generous group of kind hearted souls loaned us special table decorations. They included Pheny Aldis, Phil Coffey, Jean Ehman, Jan Offutt, Judy Rand and Becca, Patty Martineau and Sandra Osborn. The kitchen was most efficiently run by Anne Petrullo and her helpers Vicky Walker and Kelly Duncan with the aid of Anne Eden, Cindy Keller some of our Elfin servers.

Most of all I want to give my heartfelt gratitude to Libby Howard and her son Nathan who recruited the most wonderful “Elf” servers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They are Sierra Grabowska, Maddi Dillow, Molly Briggs, Zoe Levine, Michael Roy, Danielle and Kylen Ford, Stella Barrat, Maria Russo, Meredith Stains, Katy Super, Anya Wallace and Nate Howard.

And of course, the invaluable table setter-uppers and dismantlers Bob Smith and Mike Austin. The Good Shepherd Interfaith Caregivers generously loaned us their water cooler and Pam Berry sold tickets at the Sweet Shop.

Finally, I have to thank Mary Stanley, who thought up the whole idea. If I have forgotten anyone, may they please forgive me.

Bonnie Austin

Shepherdstown Christmas Tea Coordinator