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Why does local convenience store make clerks push counter trinkets?

By Staff | Jan 9, 2009

On Dec. 29, I went to the Shepherdstown 7-Eleven with my son. As I walked in, one of the two cashiers kindly greeted me as they always do. Through casual conversation with one of the store clerks, one asked me, if I would buy something out of the candy basket on the counter for my son? I said, “I wasn’t planning to. Why?” The cashier proceeded to explain that they are “pressured” to sell these items.

As we all know, we only buy what we want. These cashiers are exactly that … cashiers. They are not sales people living on commission. These associates are working for an hourly pay. They cannot make people buy this crap if they do not want it.

My question is who truly benefits from the sales off the counter by the register?

Johanna Mitchell