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Sometimes, even the most unlikely trio can agree!

By Staff | Jan 23, 2009

It has been so many years since I opposed John Doyle for West Virginia House delegate, that almost everyone (except perhaps John and I) has forgotten. My old Middleway haunts are no longer in John’s district, but that change is due far more to competition of Bob Tabb than anything I did. (I carried Middleway – period!)

In fact, I’ve always like John Doyle as a person, and particularly as an Irish musician. It is only some of his ideas I oppose.

Yet last week John came out for Non-partisan elections for judges. (See Jan. 16 Chronicle.)

And since at least John Yoder (who recently won a partisan one) and I agree non-partisan West Virginia judges just might be the best idea since sliced bread, I thought folks ought to know all three of us agree!

So, despite what you may read about certain Democratic political leaders, leading politicians like both Johns join with nobodies like me to agree our state would benefit from electing our judges on merit, rather than political party!

David L. Woods

(the voice of Middleway back in the mid-80s

currently friend of deer, squirrels, raccoons and birds in The Woods Resort)