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Love of writing leads student to internship

By Staff | Jan 30, 2009

As a new intern writing for The Chronicle, I would like to introduce myself thoroughly to the readers it serves.

I was born and raised in Baltimore, and to this day, it is where I call home.

However, for the past three years, I have become accustomed to calling Shepherdstown home as well. I enrolled at Shepherd University in the fall of 2005 and began the journey for my Bachelor of Arts degree. My main course of study is in Spanish-language studies with a minor in journalism. If all goes well, I should be graduating this May.

Journalism is only offered as a minor course of study at Shepherd; if I had the option, I would have chosen journalism as a major.

Writing has always been one of my many passions. The earliest memories I have of truly enjoying writing go back to my sophomore year of high school. I was elected as a member of the National Honor Society and chose to create a monthly newsletter that was sent to every member.

In addition, I have always enjoyed writing essays. The process that goes into writing, including research and creating outlines is something I enjoy. Throughout my high school career my favorite class was Advanced Placement language and composition.

When it came time to choose a course of study at Shepherd I had to break the list of passions down to my two favorite. These two happened to be the Spanish language and the art of journalism. To strengthen my skills in both of these areas during my career at Shepherd, I have taken advantage of a number of opportunities.

I joined the Spanish club on campus and at times served as a translator at my waitressing job. My most recent endeavor was an entire semester studying abroad in Spain this past fall.

Regarding the area of journalism, I began writing for the school newspaper, The Picket, the spring semester of my freshman year.

Writing for The Picket has allowed me to experiment in various aspects of journalistic writing.

For example, I have written for different sections of the paper: news, arts and entertainment, and sports.

This being my last year at Shepherd, it is required that I participate in an internship. Thus, I am currently writing for The Chronicle. This is exciting for me because it is my first opportunity to write for an audience outside a university.

I look forward to informing and meeting the people of Shepherdstown and beyond. In the end, I hope not only to have acquired more clips, but to have expanded my knowledge and strengthened my journalism skills.

To further expand my knowledge and my experiences, I am involved in other aspects of the Shepherd campus. I am currently on the Multicultural Student Leadership Scholarship team, which serves to promote and encourage diversity within and outside the campus.

I am on the Relay for Life committee as a fundraising co-chair. This year I will be fundraising for and participating in the cancer awareness event at the university.

I am also involved with the dance team for football and basketball seasons.

One could say that I have not limited myself to any one field of interest.

Part of the passion I have for journalism exists in the idea of being able to meet and talk to new people, to hear others opinions and communicate these to a wider audience. I believe that with the ability to effectively research for and write articles of all types, comes a power, a responsibility – the power to effectively communicate on behalf of everyone. This is a responsibility that I am excited to take on.

– Lara Liptak is an intern at the Chronicle.