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Lots of room for improvement, West Virginia

By Staff | Feb 6, 2009

Take a minute or two to study the findings below, they were gathered from factual government census reports and one other reputable resource.

WV rankings:

Median Income , 50th

Percentage of people below poverty level, 8th

Employed vs. population, 50th

Unemployment rate, 3rd

Medium housing value, 50th

Average pay, 37th

Merchandise exports, 41st

Percent of high school grads, 44th

People 21 to 64 with disability, 1st

Median Housing starts, 41st

Reference: US Census Bureau

Best state for business, 49th

Reference: Forbes Magazine

Depressing isn’t it!

West Virginia needs to improve in every category. We must speak up and identify our ineffective elected public servants, many have been elected over and over and continually make false and deceitful promises. Take action by refusing to vote for them in the next election. The Jefferson County Commissioners and Governor Manchin come to mind when one thinks of poor performance.

West Virginia voters need to disregard the party lines. It makes little difference if you vote Democratic or Republican; progress or change will only become a reality by refusing to cast your vote for the status quo.

If we fail to vote responsibly and intelligently, nothing will change. Voting carelessly or without judgment will keep us where we are now, stagnant.

Speak up and be heard. Let us move forward, we cannot stay stagnant by ignoring the inferior representation that has kept us lagging behind for decades. Gather all the information you possibly can and vote with intelligence in the next election.

Michael Bell

Summit Point