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Application required for TV dishes

By Staff | Mar 6, 2009

The mandatory switch from analog broadcast television to digital television was postponed by Congress until June. In an effort for consumers to meet the deadline, the option of using a satellite dish for reception appears to be one alternative.

But there is a catch to that alternative if you live within Shepherdstown corporate limits. Because most of the corporation is an historic district, zoning ordinances were created; one ordinance determines the legality of satellite dish erection and placement on your property.

If you are considering a satellite dish, following is the process for the legal installation of a satellite dish within Town limits:

Read the related Zoning Ordinance: either in Town Hall or online (at www.shepherdstown.us At the left of your screen, click on “Codified Ordinances.” Scan down and click on “Planning and Zoning,” which contains the Title 9 ordinances.)

An application for satellite dish installation must be obtained from Town Hall or online, at www.shepherdstown.us The application must be filed out completely, signed, and submitted with a fee.

The completed application is reviewed by the zoning officer and the Shepherdstown Historic Landmarks Commission, before a Planning Commission decision.

If the application is denied by the Planning Commission, the applicant may appeal the decision to the Board of Appeals, or seek approval for screening the satellite dish or moving it to different location on your property.

Shepherdstown Town Hall, 876-2312

Shepherdstown Zoning Officer, 876-6858.