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Mixed reactions to Obama, economic outlook

By Staff | Mar 13, 2009

Since the inauguration of Barack Obama on Jan. 20, many changes have been made regarding the economy. The task of judging whether these changes have been and will be successful is left to the population. When asked their opinion on the recent changes, Shepherdstown employees and Shepherd University students had much to say:

“Obama is so intelligent, a real methodical thinker. His plan needs to be supported and given a chance … It’s just going to take time. We should fully support him in his solving of these complex problems. I trust his decision-making process.”

– Sharon Snyder, Owner of Steppin’ Out shoe store

“Unfortunately, the switch in administration has not led to a change. The problem of the economy is more of a broader problem than a fixable problem.”

– Philip Mastrangelo, owner of Mellow Moods

“I feel very grateful Obama is our president. I have seen that he looks before he leaps. He has advisors who are trying to see the broader picture of how the global economy is linked to our economy. They are focusing on long-term choices instead of short-term ones.”

– Anne Eden, Martinsburg resident

“From day one I have supported Obama, but I wasn’t sure if America was ready for him. He has demonstrated that he is capable and strong enough to stand up to his critics … He has my full support. [However], I still feel sorry for him because has to prepare the economy and accept all the criticisms. I wish him all the best.”

– Gregory Khan, junior at Shepherd University

“The decisions [that have been made] have been more political than economic. The bills they are passing are more for the present, as far as economic theory, they are not long-term decisions.”

– Roger Hart Jr., senior at Shepherd University

– Compiled by Lara Liptak, Chronicle staff