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Comments about ‘rabid religious right’ offensive

By Staff | Apr 3, 2009

I recently read an article that started out “America is being defeated by the rabid religious right, sitting in awe as its members contemplate the myth of their self-righteous rapture”

As a christian I was offended at reading that, because the Journal printed it, and there is absolutely no truth to it. As a reader I found it amusing. What planet does this person live on?

The Christian voice is hardly heard at all outside church, or religious programs on the radio or TV. Is there any trace of the “Religious Right” running our government?

As any christian knows, the terms “self-righteous” and “christian” are contradictory, one can only be, one or the other.

I’m sure the article was meant only to offend Christians, as only a dedicated member of the party of tolerance and diversity can do, but the level of obvious hatred toward Christians I found laughable, in one since, very sad in the other.

I can’t imagine what has led a person to be so “rabid” to use their words, against something they’ve obviously not studied.

I would invite this person and any other to come to know the Lord as many millions of others have before us.

It’s a wonderful life. It’s not about religion or imposing you’re way on others, it’s internal. A good church, and regular scripture reading along with prayer will help one live a peaceful productive life. A life of honesty and service toward our fellow man. And prepare you for a meeting, we believe, we’re all going to some day have, a meeting with our Father in Heaven. It may sound funny but once you’ve heard his voice and felt his touch on you’re life, no one will ever again be able to tell you he doesn’t live.

Ed Singhas