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Shepherd’s WSHC targets changes

By Staff | May 1, 2009

Shepherd University’s radio station WSHC 89.7 FM is in for some changes.

While most of the changes will be internal, there will be some external differences that can/will be noticed by the listening community.

Sundays will include a children’s programming and music majors’ recitals and will focus on spotlighting local bands by interviewing them and airing their music.

WSHC is in the process of fully securing an AP news feed that will help to bring more of the news to the community.

“We have increased the local news broadcast … to a full half an hour” says Suzy Reid, News Director for WSHC. “And I see us continuing to grow in area news and hopefully WSHC will be turned to as a reliable news source.”

Local poets also will be reading their work on air, and also having it scheduled to play throughout the week once or twice an hour. Local listeners may soon hear the “Ram, Rant, and Rave” (something like the Journal Junction) in which readers can write in, for the radio, listeners can call in to the station and leave a voicemail stating their opinion on a specific topic and that message could be broadcast over the air.

Local bands will have more opportunities to play live in the station. The idea is that WSHC wants to focus on both Shepherd and the town as one community. They would like to promote a sense of togetherness by opening up and supporting local music and students.

Also the radio station allows students to gain hands-on experience. Music Director, Production Manager, and News Director are a few of the jobs that students can take on, either from the Radio Practicum course offered at Shepherd or for anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge in the field of radio.

“This is where students come to get an education, but we also broadcast to the local people and we want there to be a sense of community and togetherness,” says Todd Cotgreave, assistant general manager.

Cotgreave, a Shepherd Alum, loved college radio and has come back to the university to help.

“I grew up listening to the Davis & Elkins College radio station and I look back and it had a very homey feel to it,” said Cotgreave. “WCDE had no real play list, it just had whatever airing on it. It was great.”

As always the station welcomes any helpful advice to help it better serve listeners.

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc may be directed to the attention of Todd Cotgreave either by e-mail at WSHC@shepherd.edu or by calling (304) 876-5134.