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Will the swine flu hype sicken health care?

By Staff | May 8, 2009

In the 1960s ,Congress passed a law that hospitals and other health care providers may not refuse treatment to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay or not pay. This administration is bent on creating a new “Universal Health Care” program for everyone: Legal or illegal, those that need help and those that don’t need or want help, whether they like it or not. Only those in power will have a say in their health care. This will lead to rationing of health care, as is now happening in Canada, England and France. It has been going on in Russia and the former Soviet nations and Communist China for over 50 years, and I for one don’t want it.

During the recent presidential campaign, the Democratic Party said that no crisis should ever be left unexploited. Currently, the government supported media hype over the Swine Flu is just that – hype. It is a means to help push an unbridled bottomless-pocket spending spree meant to cripple the middle class and punish successful people by redistributing wealth, the same way the people on the other side of the globe have done in China and Russia.

Headlines state that this flu is responsible for over 50 deaths in one week. At least twice that many die from our regular old run-of-the-mill flu in any country on any given week. News media is reminded that in 1918 thousands died from the flu and that we should fear for our lives and those of our loved ones.

Take a reality check, and look at the medical advances that have been made in the last 90 years. Again, this is a carefully thought out strategy and media blitz to further an agenda.

Schools are already being closed to combat the problem. Offices are closing and plane service is being slowed and, in some instances, curtailed all together. The fact that when kids have free time on their hands, they will congregate, unsupervised, at crowed places with others, such as the mall, thus dramatically raising the chances of infecting even more people than they would normally come in contact with. This leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy of contagion.

Wait and see if this imagined pandemic isn’t used to scare the populace of this nation to a fever pitch of over-reactionism to push for Universal Health Care by this administration. It has already started.

Richard A. Zigler

Charles Town