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U.S.-style rationing: Many go without healthcare

By Staff | May 15, 2009

In regard to Richard Zigler’s letter of May 8, it is apparent that Mr. Zigler feels that 47 million Americans do not deserve health care. Heaven forbid we should all be covered for life, receive excellent care, and never lose our life savings to illness.

He is delighted with US-style rationing, where those without health insurance, or those who are unable to afford high deductibles, go without, while the “successful,” move to the head of the line. About 18,000 Americans die each year because they are uninsured.

Should I admire his staunch opposition to foreign-style “rationing” that inflicts better health on the French and Canadians for half of our cost?

Would it be a tragedy if those who have prospered here might have to pay fair taxes to care for those less fortunate? Do those of us, who are well-off, owe nothing for the privilege of our American Citizenship?

Mr. Zigler sees an Obama conspiracy to establish Universal Health Care. Currently, the Senate and the Administration are only considering private insurance-based programs that will continue to reward executives and their lobbyists while leaving millions uncovered. Those who speak up for single-payer publicly financed, privately delivered health care, have been lead from the Senate in handcuffs.

It is time we did the right thing and treated health care as a right and not a commodity. With a single- payer system, we can, ensure choice of provider, spend much less, have better health and include all Americans.

Chess Yellott, MD