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Dairy goat show brings out best breeds

By Staff | May 29, 2009

Katie Wolf won in the Senior Showmanship category in the Shenandoah Dairy Goat Association show last weekend at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Photo by James P. Whipple

This Past Saturday, May 23, the Shenandoah and Maryland Dairy Goat associations held a double sanctioned two ring goat show at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds.

Several farms were represented from both Maryland and West Virginia. Ring one was run by the Shenandoah DGA. Ring two was sponsored separately by the Maryland DGA.

The dairy goats are smarter than dogs and cleaner then cats, organizers noted.

A lot of dairy goat breeders are “hobby farmers,” in that the goats they have are used for household milk. Fine cheeses can also be made with goats milk either using the raw milk or cooking the milk. “Most of us believe in consuming raw milk as proposed by those who sponsor the raw milk website at: www.realmilk.com” said Pat Adels, secretary/ treasurer of the Shenandoah DGA. Others sell goats milk as frozen curd and milk. On the commercial market there is a large demand for these products. There is a formidable contest through the Dairy Goat Shows through out the country.

“Placing well at shows puts more value on the winning dairy goats, enabling the breeders to command a nice price for the offspring,” Adels said.

The Shenandoah Dairy Goat Association was begun about 15 years ago by Janet West of Kearneysville and Bonnie Kempe of Hedgesville. It consists of a small group of avid dairy goat enthusiasts who realize the value of the dairy goat as a source of milk, cheese and wonderful companionship. Janet West is the current President of the association.

“The main purpose of the association is to foster an appreciation of the dairy goat and assist fellow breeders and 4-Hers as well as conduct its annual double ring show in conjunction with the Maryland Dairy Goat Association at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds every May,” Adels said.

Jeff, Pat and Christen Adels own Munchin Hill Farm in Kearneysville. They began raising dairy goats in 1976. Mrs. Adels said “We generally breed for the very dairy, long-bone pattered type of French Alpine which excels in high elegant front ends and above average production.”

Listed below are the winners of the 2009 Dairy Goat Show. Also listed is a glossary of definitions for the Terms used in the winners list

GCH = Grand Champion

RGCH or ResGCH = Reserve Grand Champion

BOB = Best of Breed (when permanent champions compete against/challenge the champion of the day)

BIS = Best in Show (just as in dog shows when the winner of each breed competes against the winners of all the other breed classes

The showmanship results are:

NOVICE: Melyn Rhodes

JUNIOR: Jennifer Hill

SENIOR: Katie Wolf


JUDGE: Todd Biddle


GCH: Munchin’Hill Allegheny(Adels)

ResGCH: Rainbow Colors Fitz Macy(Musselman)

BOB: Munchin’Hill Allegheny(Adels)


GCH: Rockspring DT Vanessa Valentine(Weikel)

ResGCH: Rockspring DK Dorothy Dorrie(Weikel)

BOB: Rockspring DT Vanessa Valentine(Weikel)


GCH: Blue-Ridge Venus(Anders)

ResGCH: Blue-Ridge Titian Beauty(Anders)

BOB: Blue-Ridge Venus(Anders)


GCH: Blue-Ridge Xtraordinary (Anders)

ResGCH: Blue-Ridge Her Xcellency (Anders)

BOB: Blue-Ridge Extraordinary (Anders)


GCH: Albanhaus Mauve (Maloid)

ResGCH: SG Caprikorn Kahuna Xenicus (Caprikorn Farms)

BOB: Albanhaus Mauve (Maloid)


GCH: Cherry Glen Pendleton Dandi (Mulberry Farm)

ResGCH: Mulberry Acres Abigail (Mulberry Farm)

BOB: Cherry Glen Pendleton Dandi (Mulberry Farm)


GCH: SG Caprikorn Wealth Xtort (Caprikorn Farms)

ResGCH: Meadow Club Cookie (Stiles)

BOB: SG Caprikorn Wealth Xtort (Caprikorn Farms)


GCH: Rosasharn UP Bliss (Weikel)

ResGCH: Tiny Town Jingle (Bailey)

BOB: CH Tiny Town Blue Bayou (Bailey)




GCH: Rainbow Colors CC Luckie (Musselman)

ResGCH: Highland Myst Kitty’s ChiChi (Gunne)


GCH: Blue-Ridge Yetta (Anders)

ResGCH: Burnt Willow Samantha (Henderson)


GCH: Blue-Ridge Yulene (Anders)

ResGCH: Blue Ridge Ysabella (Boggs)

GCH: Blue-Ridge Yolanda (Anders)

ResGCH: Blue-Ridge Yoshe ( Anders)

AOP: (Toggs, Saanens,Sables)

GCH: The Hal Merry (Dutton)

ResGCH: White Rock Farm Maple (Wolf)

GCH: Seven Acre Dream April Fool (Hammer)

ResGCH: Sun-Kissed MFM Chandalay (Rider)

GCH:AGS Avolino Farm Arm Grandyosa (Wolf)

ResGCH: Seven Acres Dream Saprano (Rhodes)

Best in Show: Rainbow Colors CC Luckie (Musselman)

Leetown, WV Show Results Ring 2

Maryland Dairy Goat Association

May 23, 2009

Senior Doe Show (85 does)

Judge: Sara Stewart


GCH-Cherry Glen Inman Candi, Diane Kirsch & Wayne Cullen

RGCH-Munchin’ Hill Allegheny, Jeff & Pat Adels

BOB-Cherry Glen Inman Candi, Diane Kirsch & Wayne Cullen


GCH-Blue-Ridge Tamara, Linda Anders

RGCH-Meadow Club Cal Becky, John Russell

BOB-Blue-Ridge Tamara, Linda Anders


GCH-Blue-Ridge Venus, Kathleen Anders

RGCH-Blue-Ridge Titian Beauty, Kathleen Anders

BOB-Blue-Ridge Venus, Kathleen Anders


GCH-Blue-Ridge Xtraordinary, Kathleen Anders

RGCH-Blue-Ridge Her Xcellency, Linda Anders

BOB-Blue-Ridge Xtraordinary, Kathleen Anders


GCH-Chazberry Lane Liktoria’s Luna, Jennifer O’Connor

RGCH-Caprikorn Renov Winnemucca, Caprikorn Farms

BOB-Chazberry Lane Liktoria’s Luna, Jennifer O’Connor


GCH-Cherry Glen Bailey Tatum, Diane Kirsch & Wayne Cullen

RGCH-Cherry Glen Pendelton Dandi, Mulberry Farm

BOB- Cherry Glen Bailey Tatum, Diane Kirsch & Wayne Cullen

Nigerian Dwarf

GCH-AGS BRB Tiny Town Parcheesi, Christopher Bailey

RGCH-Rosaharn Up Bliss, Ann Weikel

BOB-AGS BRB Tiny Town Parcheesi, Christopher Bailey

Recorded Grade

GCH-SG Caprikorn Wealth Xtort, Caprikorn Farms

RGCH-Country- Acres BL Daisey, Lyle William Hammer

BOB- SG Caprikorn Wealth Xtort, Caprikorn Farms

Best in Show-Blue-Ridge Tamara, Linda Anders

Junior Doe Show (45 does)

GCH-Cherry Glen Pawn Guava, Diane Kirsch

RGCH-Blue-Ridge Yvette, Kathleen Anders

GCH-Blue-Ridge Yetta, Kathleen Anders / FONT>

RGCH-Burnt Willow Samantha, Jeremiah Henderson Sharp

GCH-Blue-Ridge Yulene, Kathleen Anders

RGCH-Blue-Ridge Ysabella, Rachel Boggs

GCH-Blue-Ridge Yolanda, Kathleen Anders

RGCH-Blue-Ridge Yoshe, Kathleen Anders

GCH-Tiny Town S Quarter, Christopher Bailey

RGCH-The HB Zinger, Matthew Kerner

AOP (All Other Purebred)

GCH-White Rock Farm Maple, Nelson Wolf

RGCH-The Hal Merry, Oliva Dutton

GCH-Sun-Kissed MFM Chandalay, Lauren Rider

RGCH-Seven Acre A La’ Wishes, Lyle Hammer

Best in Show

Cherry Glen Pawn Guava, Diane Kirsch