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Outdoor family fun runs/walks return

By Staff | Jun 12, 2009

Mark Cucuzzella weclomes all ages, walkers and runners, kids on bikes, strollers, to join the first Friday gathering June 12 at 5:30 at the C&O lower lot across the river from Shepherdstown for a Friday Family Fun Run/Walk.

Over 20 years ago an informal group of friends gathered weekly to jog the C&O Canal and other local sites of the county. In the spirit of family oriented outdoor play, camaraderie, fitness for all ages, discovering new places, and rediscovering the effortless movement of children- the group will reappear June 12 at 5:30 on the C&O Canal. We will explore other places through the summer.

The idea of all inclusive family “jogs” was first born in New Zealand under the legendary coach and mentor Arthur Lydiard (www.lydiardfoundation.org). Participants can cover whatever ground they can comfortably in 30-40 minutes. We will also teach concepts of healthy running and improved running biomechanics. All participants will get a copy of the 2nd edition ChiRunning Book and DVD (complements of ChiRunning and Simon and Schuster- www.chirunning.com)

We also wish to help prepare newcomers and veterans to take on the challenge of one of the Freedom’s Run events October 3 http://freedomsrun.org/. Events will range from the mile kids run to a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, and for the real adventure a full 26 mile Marathon. 4 months left to get ready!

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Dr. Cucuzzella is a Family Physician at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine, a veteran of over 50 Marathons, a teacher and researcher of running biomechanics, a coach and mentor for runners of all abilities for over 10 years, and race director for Freedom’s Run- a Race for Health and Heritage. His main passion is improving health for an entire community with fun outdoor play.