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Iraq has been a distraction from the war on terror

By Staff | Jun 19, 2009

In his Letter to the Editor (of the Shepherdstown Chronicle) of May 29, 2009, Keith A. Hutcheson states he would defend others’ right to voice their opinion. And I’m sure many would defend his right, also.

However, no one should defend his right to twist the facts.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

There were no weapons of mass destruction.

Torture to force confessions are not usefull, should be against our morals, sets the precedent of being used against our troops, and recruits opponents.

Most detainees have not been charged after all this time, never mind been been tried or even been to court.

Many (most) wars are not just.

Iraq has been a destraction from the war on terror.

More of our people (soldiers) have died in this war than were killed on 9/11. And that doesn’t even count innocent civilians.

The response to twisting the facts will, of course, make it likely we will again be attacked.

If Iraq is more democratic, then we should now restore democracy to our country, through a better understanding of what is true.

Marc Petitpierre