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Maiden back from Iraq

By Staff | Jun 26, 2009

Dabney Chapman, left, welcomes back Tom Maiden, center, during a party last week. Maiden’s wife Kathy is at right. Photo by James P. Whipple

On Friday, June 19, at the Shepherdstown Train Station, the Rotary Club of Shepherdstown welcomed member Tom Maiden home after his one year tour of duty in Iraq.

“It is quite a homecoming,” Carol Asam said. About 50 people came to the home coming party.

Dabney Chapman and Tom Trumble, President of the Rotary Club of Shepherdstown Rotary Club presented Maiden with a gift.

“Well we are here for one reason and only one reason to show our apperation to Tom Maiden, and to welcome him home safe and sound,” Trumble said.

“We thank you for your service, even though we won’t know for 70 years what that service is,” Chapman said. “Having thanked Tom for his service, we do want to acknowledge the family who has so graciously and faithfully endured this one year separation.” Maiden’s wife, Kathy, accompanied him to the celebration.

“I want to thank you all for coming,” Maiden said. “It’s great to be home. You don’t understand what freedom is until you come home. Thanks again everyone.”

Maiden was recalled to active duty in June 2008. Soon after his recall, he was promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander. He served as a Targeting Officer for Joint Operations command in Iraq.

Maiden said how happy he was to be home. “It’s great to be home. I was gone for a year – nine months in Iraq and three months of training The first thing I did when I got home was to sit down and relax, be with the family, hug everybody, lots of hugs and kisses. I really appreciate our freedom and appreciate being alive.”