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Patriot’s Path article contained serious errors

By Staff | Jul 3, 2009

On behalf of the Patriot’s Path Foundation and the veterans we serve, I would like to thank you for the article about the Foundation that appeared in the June 19 edition of The Chronicle. As stated in the article, the mission of the Patriot’s Path Foundation is to prepare veterans for, and assist them with, reintegration into the community as they complete their treatment in the Veterans Affairs Medical System.

However, the article contained some erroneous information that is harmful and embarrassing to the reputation of the Foundation and, in particular, David Hill, our President & Executive Director. In the article, after correctly describing Mr. Hill as the President & Executive Director, the writer incorrectly attributed a number of paragraphs describing the experiences of someone who entered the VA in Martinsburg in April of 2008 in a suicidal state as being those of Mr. Hill.

In reality, those paragraphs were taken from a letter that was published in our newsletter On The Path, and was a letter written to Mr. Hill by one of the veterans, Bill G., who wrote the letter expressing his gratitude to us for what the Foundation had done for him. In the full published letter, the addressee and the veteran who wrote it were clearly identified.

Anyone who knows Mr. Hill knows that he is a longtime and respected member of the community, however, not all your readers know him. It is also important for your readers to understand that the Foundation takes very seriously the issue of who serves in any position of leadership and responsibility. We serve those who served for us and that is not something to be taken lightly.

Edward J. Reardon

Chairman & CEO

Patriot’s Path Foundation

Editor’s note: The Chronicle sincerely apologizes for the errors referenced in the above letter. Look for news about the Patriots Path Foundation’s work in upcoming editions of the Chronicle.