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Street Fest Photography

By Staff | Jul 3, 2009
The crowd for the 2009 Shepherdstown Street Fest as seen from the top floor of the War Memorial Building on German Street around 2 pm.
Shepherdstown Police Officers Ransom and Fleagle monitor the crowds at Street Fest. The police department reported no major disturbances throughout the day.
Shepherdstown residents Aaron Lennox and Valerie Chambers are awestruck by an enormous butterfly potatoe shaving plucked from their plate.
Bartender Phil Lane cooks up some Mecklenburgers infront of the Mecklenburg Inn.
Shepherdstown resident Beth Montgomery, left, samples orange cream smoothies courtesy of the Carriage House restaurant on Princess St. Rstaurant employees Ashley Black and Amber Shoemaker, on the right, were sporadically passing out coupons and directing customers to their restaurant throughout the day.

Street Fest 2009 has come and gone, but Chronicle Staffer Michael Theis was on hand to document the event. Here are some of his photos.