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Thanks for a succesful July 4th celebration

By Staff | Jul 10, 2009

Thanks to all the people who made Shepherdstown’s July 4 parade and picnic such a great success: Mayor Jim Auxer and the Parks and Recreation Committee, who provided so much encouragement and support; the members of the Shepherdstown Rotary Club, who volunteered so much time and effort (especially Dr. David Miljour, who organized the parade, and Carl Moore, who organized the picnic); and the citizens of Shepherdstown, who participated so enthusiastically.

This was the first time the picnic had been held at the Rumsey Memorial Park, and no one was quite sure what to expect. But the community response was terrific. The park began filling up as soon as the parade was over, and it remained full throughout the afternoon and evening. Everybody seemed to have a great time, and it was especially gratifying to see so many children having so much fun with the wide variety of activities that were organized just for them.

Together, the day’s events provided lots of good, wholesome family entertainment, which is what you want on Independence Day.

We hope, too, that the day’s events helped remind everyone that the Rumsey Memorial Park is a tremendous community asset. The Park has been underutilized for too long, and we look forward to continuing to help the town revitalize it.

Don’t forget, as part of this revitalization effort there’ll be another community event at the Park on the Saturday before Labor Day, September 5. Mark your calendars, and we’ll see you again then!

Doug Alexander, President

The Shepherdstown

Rotary Club