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Let your legislators know about health care concerns

By Staff | Jul 31, 2009

Participants in last week’s “Tea Party” decried the evils of government intervention in health care and fretted about increased taxes that might result. It’s ironic that this rally was the same week that community fundraisers were held here in Jefferson County for individuals and families with recent health tragedies.

A little girl stopped breathing for unknown reasons and perhaps suffered permanent brain damage. A self-employed painter fell off a roof and is unable to meet his health costs or support himself and his family.

Today millions of Americans are unable to afford adequate health insurance and are one accident or diagnosis away from financial disaster. Millions cannot find coverage for preexisting medical conditions or must put off preventive treatment and testing until serious conditions are discovered too late.

All this occurs while insurance companies reap massive profits.

Although the generosity and initiative of friends and neighbors is admirable, Americans will find that government must be involved as a regulator and provider of health care. Profit-making companies will never find profit in multiple sclerosis or severed spinal columns, and spaghetti dinners can never cover the costs.

Yes, it will be an expensive endeavor to guarantee basic health care and catastrophic coverage to all Americans, but we already pay out the nose for a patchwork of care with gaping holes and one that does a better job of providing subsidies to pharmaceutical companies.

I applaud Senator Rockefeller for his leadership in achieving health care reform, and I urge Senator Byrd and Representative Capito to join this noble cause. If you agree, please let these legislators know.

Christopher Craig

Harpers Ferry