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Active Shooter at Shepherd University, Excercise

By Staff | Aug 3, 2009

The Shepherdstown Fire Department, along with law enforcement and other emergency services will do doing an, “Active Shooter” Excercise on the campus of Shepherd University in the vacinity of White Hall on Aug. 7 9 a.m. The premis of this excercise is to make sure the area emergency services are equiped and trained to deal with an “Active Shooter” on the area college campuses. In the wake of events such as Virginia Tech, and Shepherd University it has become evident that Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement must be ready at a moments notice for this type of emergency. The Shepherdstown Fire Department is working along with other Jefferson County Fire and Emergency Medical Services as well as local law enformcement.

We ask that all media personnel report to the “A-Lot” of Shepherd University for an initial briefing at 8:45 a.m. on Aug. 7. The A-Lot is located on Shepherd Universities campus at the intersection of High Street and Princess Street. This is where I will be breifing the media on the event, and the actions taken by emergency services, in order to keep the people of this community informed of the events on their campus.