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PATH project would harm the environment

By Staff | Aug 7, 2009

The first responsibility of all elected official is to protect the interests of the community that they represent. This requires a vision into the future, and a strong will to resist the groups with the most money and time. Allegheny Power has pressured the Governor and the Public Service Commission to support the construction of 765 KV Power lines through West Virginia, Virginia and into Maryland (PATH). Their recent actions requiring those in opposition to drive 5 hours to Charleston instead of holding meeting locally proves this point. These power lines are not in the best long term interest of the citizens of the State of West Virginia or the United States.

The construction of PATH will guarantee the use of coal for the next 30 to 40 years to supply electrical power to much of the Eastern United States. For each pound of coal burned over 3 pound of Carbon Dioxide are emitted in the atmosphere. Scrubbers can reduce the Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxides but there is no practical technology to reduce Carbon Dioxide. PATH will benefit the Coal Companies and Allegheny Power only.

West Virginia Government and Allegheny Power should partner to research renewable and environmental friendly energy and be mobilizing its efforts to move away from economic and employment dependence on coal. It is obvious that this project is being forced through by the special interests and is not in the long term interest of the Citizens.

One more point to make: Global warming is real, some people still believe that it is a “Theory” (like George Bush) that needs to be proven and can therefore be ignored. To those doubters; is it worth the gamble to do nothing only to find you are wrong? Of course it will be our children who will have to deal with our mistake. If you support PATH you as saying global warming is a HOAX, but If you believe Global Warming is real please STOP THE PATH.

Steve Robinson

Jefferson County