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PATH: Some facts would be a good place to start

By Staff | Aug 14, 2009

PATH Education and Awareness Team (PEAT) spokesperson Clarence Martin indicates his group is “getting out the real facts.”

That would be a good start, since for over a year the PATH representatives have been using TV commercials and print ads to spread half-truths and outright misleading statements to promote the fiasco known as PATH. If you believe the ads, no one in West Virginia thinks the PATH is unnecessary and a bad idea for our state, which is untrue.

In fact, a record-breaking 240 citizens have filed as intervenors against the PATH with the Public Service Commission, 141 from Jefferson County alone.

For the facts, go to the WV PSC website and look up Case No 09-0770-E-CN, and see all the letters and petitions adamantly against PATH.

What the PATH representatives aren’t telling you is everyone in West Virginia will have their electric bills increase to pay for this $1.8 billion project, out of which Allegheny Power and associates will profit over 14 percent, or around $300 million. And PATH will not benefit anyone in WV, since the power is for New Jersey and New York.

The PATH representatives also say no one will lose their homes. What they don’t say is the 180-foot-tall lines will be built very close to homes, schools, and across historic farmland while emitting EMF, which is believed by many to cause cancer and leukemia, especially in children. Do we want this next to an elementary school, which is in the plan?

Also, all homes identified in the “path” have lost value already because no one wants to live in between power lines, so the tax basis in Jefferson County is being reduced as a result, which means higher taxes for other homeowners.

This is costing everyone, whether or not it’s going over your property. Go to www.StopPATHWV.com for more factual information.

Sharon Wilson

Charles Town