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Thanks for the love, caring, compassion

By Staff | Aug 14, 2009

To the Shepherdstown Community and Beyond:

After a year plus some, Mason is finally Home. Mason is doing well in his new apartment. We are very busy with his care, but he is healthy which allows a busy schedule of therapies and we make him work ebveryday to get better and better

Although this journey has not been of our choosing, it has been an amazing and eye opening one. We have learned how much goodness, generosity and the generosity of spirit exists in this world. There is also a world we have come to know that have these outstanding people in it. They are the lifesavers and the caregivers. Docotrs, nurses, nurse techs, EMT personnel, social workes, case managers and so many more that have guided us and cared for Mason.

Our family is forever indebted to all of the communities in helping us bring Mason home. The EMT and paramedics at the scene of the accident, the emergency room doctors and nurses at Jefferson Memorial Hospital. The chaplain at Jefferson that secured the helicopter to transport Mason to Baltimore where the super heroes at the Baltimore Shock Trauma Unit made sure Mason would finally come back to us. We will never forget the outstanding people at the Ronald McDonald House who gave us shelter in our storm and even our shuttle drivers took care of us. There are so many more and we will never forget you.

We never thought that we would love Pennsylvania, but there is a lot to love. The Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital has an amazing group of people. One cannot quantify the work they do for patients such as Mason and the hope they give to families such as ours. They are the super stars! Without their support and guidance, we would not be caring for Mason at home today. Not to go with out mention are the hospitals and people that cared for Mason and us while we lived Pennsylvania.

Our family has felt the love, caring, compassion and generosity in this special part of West Virginia and we are still feeling it. We are indebted to many people and all of you have helped us make our way back to Shepherdstown. The Ellsworth family wants to acknowledge and thank everybody that has helped us during our journey.

Love and Peace To All

and Forever,

The Ellsworths