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‘Historic Men’ calendar not on my shopping list

By Staff | Sep 4, 2009

This morning I sat down to breakfast at Betty’s with my youngest daughter, Daisy. We had a copy of the Chronicle to share between us, and I opened to the page with the story highlighting the “Historic Men” of Shepherdstown. I looked at the list of names, and agreed that those featured were all noteworthy individuals. With that said, I am appalled that any group would create a list without any women in this day and age. Maybe we’re saving “Historic Women” for another year swimsuit calendar anyone?

Such gaffes, intentional or not, reflect a deep-seated history of discrimination and misogyny in our country. While I hope that Historic Shepherdstown has no conscious desire to slight women’s contributions, its actions are sustaining a culture that inevitably teaches our girls that men are the leaders. Women, at best, can only hope to photograph the achievements of their male counterparts.

I ask the members of HistoricShepherdstownto rethink their approach. Create a “Historic Citizens” calendar. (After all, just because you are a historical group youneedn’tremain mired in 1950s thinking.) Our future leaders, likeDaisy, need to be given examples of the people that make this town a wonderful place to live.

Monica Larson

Department of Communication

Shepherd University