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Shepherdstown home to trusting, talented people

By Staff | Sep 4, 2009

My wife and I moved to Shepherdstown 30 years ago. For the first several years, she hated the move. After joining the church she made many friends and did a lot of charity work for Good Shepherd Caregivers. She then began to love this place as much as I do.

I have found the people of Shepherdstown to be extremely friendly and trusting. I had only been living here a short time when a restaurant wanted some cabinets made. The owner offered to pay before they were built. A short time later, I was given the keys to several homes to use while building cabinets for the owners. I kept track of my time and billed them weekly. One owner would leave town on weekends, leaving me a signed check. The only job where I was allowed to make out my own paycheck.

Many of the people here are extremely talented. One person in particular is Jay Hurley. His skills can’t be matched. For example, he and a crew built a scale model of the James Rumsey steam boat. Also, he worked with a very talented artist to make the beautiful wood carving that hangs in the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center restaurant. On his own, he is building an airplane. The history of Shepherdstown has been kept alive by his efforts.

With all this going on, Hurley manages to get some great musicians to play at the store every Thursday evening. Keep up your good work and music. We appreciate your many skills.

Jack Geary,