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My Friend’s Bowl: Healthful food for pets

By Staff | Sep 18, 2009

My Friend's Bowl is located at 219 S. Duke St.

Shepherdstown has all kinds of healthy food for people. There are plenty of places to satisfy your appetite and your health. Thanks to Janet Kelemen, our pets can enjoy the same luxuries.

Kelemen’s My Friend’s Bowl, 219 S. Duke St., has been in business since November 2007.

“We saw a need in Shepherdstown, and with only the experience of being lifelong dog lovers, took the plunge of actually running a business that’s all about them,” Kelemen said.

My Friend’s Bowl carries 14 dry brands of dog food, three brands of frozen raw food (including Primal) and 15 canned. And Kelemen special orders by request.

“We believe that you can set out a balanced and safe meal, or alternatively spend $10 on a big bag of food and visit the vet’s office more often. We also cater to seniors and pets suffering from allergies or sensitive stomachs, or diseases that can be life-threatening without proper nutrition. We can match your pet with food that’s right for them.”

Kelemen laid out a comparison between Innova Large Brand Adult, offered at My Friend’s Bowl, and the less-desireable mainstream competitor Science Diet Adult Large Breed. Science Diet contains a lengthy list of ingredients – including animal fat and byproducts, “chicken liver flavor” and possible allergens like corn and soybeans.

Innova Large Breed Adult, on the other hand, keeps it fresh and healthful with turkey, chicken, turkey broth, chicken broth, brown rice, herring potato, carrot and egg.

“We have an abundance of treats that are human-grade and some that are actually labeled ‘human-tested,'” Kelemen said. “In one instance, we had a customer in buying treats for her boyfriend!”

Also offered at My Friend’s Bowl are shampoos, supplements, bowls, collars and leashes, toys and beds.

“We’ve had dogs come into the store and decide that this is their home to protect from other dogs. Yes, the treats we give out have everything to do with this protective behavior,” Kelemen said. “And many pets recognize that the white bags that you’re carrying into the house contain treats from here and show their enthusiasm. I get a kick out of being out and around Shepherdstown and seeing our collars and tags and different things on our four-legged customers, and I love when they recognize me!”

“It’s been a pleasure having this store,” says Kelemen. “And with our customers’ continued patronage we hope to remain a successful business in Shepherdstown.”