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Thanks to all who helped make annual Men’s Club Labor Day Picnic a success

By Staff | Sep 18, 2009

It takes a community to put on a Labor Day picnic! That was certainly the observation if you attended, or were involved in conducting this annual Shepherdstown Men’s Club event at Morgan’s Grove Park. There were many essential ingredients that refreshingly reflect still vibrant aspects of the American Character and our way of life.

To highlight just a few: it took Dave Startzell who spent his entire day doing the dishes in the kitchen; Judy Jenner and Marge Blostone up to their elbows in ice cream that kept getting softer and softer: John Olsen and Tom Keyrouze to show up early and stay late hauling chairs and equipment, cleaning up the grill and worrying about the logistical details; Charlie Freeland to bring his extension ladder to hang the flag and buntings and share his long experience in setting up the pavilion; Lyn Widmyer to provide appropriate remarks and highlight important community events; Dave Pugh, John Amos, Cris Kinsella, and Ruth McQuade (Men’s Club board members) to blow on the coals and serve up the barbeque items; Bruce McCarthy who put off packing for a trip to spend 4 hours flipping hamburgers; Mina Goodrich and Larry Dean to lug in the coolers and provide the drinks; Charlie Freeland, Joe Wimer and Jim Surcamp to shuck the corn; Jerry Thomas who forfeited a day’s work on editing his book to carry out any unassigned tasks; his wife Vicky to dress and setup all of the tables with Vicki Lanham: Cub Scout Troop 95 to bring their bright smiling faces and popcorn; Charlie Printz to carry out his usual role in leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance; George Marshall to research the history of the involvement of the Rohrersville Band on their 16th consecutive Labor Day Concert in the park; of course the 40 members of the band itself and their musical talent to present the wonderful concert; the many families who thoughtfully brought potluck dishes to share; Diane Cushing and Charlie Freeland , our “resident” photographers who took about 75 pictures between them: Anne Small and Bob and Cindy Keller who despite other commitments came expressly at the end to help with clean up; and last but not least, my wife Bonnie, the picnic coordinator who again managed to drag much of the combined resources of the Men’s Club and our family’s kitchen to the park. Most of all we couldn’t have had a successful “Norman Rockwell” type picnic without the sirloinburgers and freshly picked (that morning) corn on-the-cob which were so generously donated by Danny Rohrer.

At the end of a special day, having carried on numerous conversations with friends and neighbors and sharing a few anecdotes about the characters in our town or the “good old days”, eaten a little too much, and enjoyed a rousing concert, I think everyone went home contented. That is what Labor Day picnics are all about. Thanks to everyone for helping make it happen.

Mike Austin


Shepherdstown Men’s Club