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Thanks, Rotary, for community event

By Staff | Sep 25, 2009

I would like to publicly thank the Shepherdstown Rotary Club, the Town Parks and Recreation Committee and all their terrific sponsors for an outstanding event at the Rumsey Monument Park on Labor Day weekend.

Thank you, also, for raising funds to the upkeep of this once forlorn public space. Organizing an event this special must have dominated the time of busy Rotary members; the attention to detail was remarkable.

The easy atmosphere, the good food and drink, and especially the well-chosen music all made for a special night out at the park.

In all my years in Shepherdstown, I have never seen Rumsey Monument park so happy. Children danced, neighbors visited, and couples relaxed in their lawn chairs.

The Rotary members even went to the trouble to uplight the monument, which I stared at in awe as the moon rose up behind it.

Thank you, Rotary! I look forward to your next event at the park with great anticipation. You really know how to throw a party and give back to the community.

Karene Motivans

High Street