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Golden Butter Band plans river party

By Staff | Oct 9, 2009

The Golden Butter Band during a recent local gig Photo by Michael Theis/Chronicle

The concert of the weekend will not be happening at The Blue Moon Cafe, nor Tony’s Pizza, nor the Meck. No, this weekend, the best concert in town is actually 2 miles down River Road, in a field adjacent to the Potomac River. It’s a public party, but there doesn’t appear to be an address. The organizers say not to worry, if you drive down river road on Saturday, you will not miss the party.

There, Shepherdstown jam-masters The Golden Butter Band will take the stage at a concert and party dubbed The Riverside Freakout.

You may already have heard about Golden Butter. Composed of a mix of Berryvillians and Shepherdstownians, Golden Butter has been a fixture on the Shepherdstown rock scene for a few years now.

You may have even already formed an opinion on this band. Whatever that opinion is, this reviewer encourages you to discard it. After taking the summer off to focus on recording a forthcoming five-track EP entitled “Aren’t we all,” GBB has emerged a new band.

Fresh from months of doing nothing but focusing on songwriting and performance, GBB is now one of the most instrumentally intricate and exciting live bands in Shepherdstown, ranking up there with local-live-show-masters The Demon Beat in energy and enthusiasm.

They bring a syncopated, reggae tinged jam-band sound to their shows, causing some people to label them a jam-band, sometimes dismissively. This would be all fine and dandy, except for the fact that their songs are more structured than your average jam band, and they do very little onstage improvising. Instead you have the punctual bass rythms typical of a Cake song. Ontop of that, GBB brings, bar none, the best harmonies of any rock band in the area, witty lyrics and infectious vocals from lead singer Willy Steinmetz, and a medium sized fan-base always ready to have a good time.

The Riverside Freakout starts at 9:30 p.m. Overnight camping is encouraged. Cover charge is $5 per individual, or, if you carpool, $5 gets your entire carload of people inside.