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Table games will help horse racers and breeders

By Staff | Oct 16, 2009

As a Jefferson County resident and member of the horse racing and breeding industries, I support for table games at Charles Town Races and Slots.

The addition of table games would provide millions of dollars in revenues to fuel our economy, while helping to preserve our farm land and increase purses and breeders funds. In fact, table games would add nearly $4.8 million to purses and breeders funds each year. That doesn’t even include any increase in slot revenue that could help bolster the funds.

However, the reality is the benefit of growing our purse and breeders funds is secondary to protecting what we already have. As competition looms in Maryland and Pennsylvania, gaming has become more competitive. Without table games, the dollars horsemen and breeders get from slots are at risk.

Thoroughbred racing has been vital to Jefferson County. Let’s help the tradition thrive instead of going backwards. I hope my friends and neighbors will join me and hundreds of others in voting ‘YES’ on Dec. 5. A vote for table games is a vote for the protection and preservation of thoroughbred racing and a rural Jefferson County.

Jeff Runco