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Jefferson County residents are my boss

By Staff | Nov 27, 2009

I ask your support for my re-election to a second term as your County Commissioner. Being a County Commissioner has been for me a calling, not a job. Why?

We love our town, the county and the people – and we give our hearts.

It seems everyone gives a lot. School bus drivers, ambulance drivers, soccer coaches, 4-h’rs, nurses, docs, teachers, farmers, dancers, artists.

I have always been a servant of my community, not a “politician.”

For all the twenty-six years I’ve lived in Shepherdstown, I have served gladly. Whether it was 800 support groups for grieving widows … making 10,000 phone calls to those in grief over 18 years … creating a an hour-long, nationally-broadcast radio event about a Vietnam vet with post traumatic stress disorder … creating a thousand minutes of videos about our County’s history, supporting candidates and issues and – alone – bringing a lawsuit to stop what is still the largest planned subdivision ever in the County – 3200 homes called Huntfield.

Virtually all these careers were gratis or almost so. Have I continued to serve you as a County Commissioner? Absolutely. Please look over what is said in this issue of the Chronicle in a full page ad. It sums up what I’ve been doing these past five years for you.

You are my boss. I am regularly in touch with 6,000 people by e-mail and phone because I want to hear from “my boss.” Pretty simple. I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me what you want for the County and what you want or need for yourself or others. jim@jimsurkamp.net (304) 261-7911.

Jim Surkamp

County Commissioner