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Some more reasons to be thankful

By Staff | Dec 4, 2009

Shepherdstown Mayor Jim Auxer

The holiday season brings out the urge to bestow thank-yous. Yes, I recently wrote a thank-you column, but in our town much is done by volunteers, there are always projects at hand, so being grateful to others is a fulltime job.

Elmwood Cemetery-The first prominent feature about this historic cemetery are the wrought iron gates and fence along Duke Street. Four years ago the Elmwood Cemetery Association began a restoration project on the ironwork using primarily donated funds. The project started with the gates, and the final sections of fence were completed this year. The restoration is a beautiful piece of work. Stop and take a close look at it. Thanks to the cemetery’s association restoring this highly visible and beautiful piece of work.

Daffodils-In mid-November, 3,100 daffodil bulbs arrived and needed put into the ground as one of the final touches of the Streetscape Project. When they come into full view this spring, we can thank the folks who gave up a portion of their weekend to make Shepherdstown beautiful: Lori Robertson, Josh and Kathryn Stella, Sonja Evanesko, Bane Schill, Frank and Brian Welch, Mary Stanley, Neal Martineau, Chris Crawford, Tracey and Wilson Moody, Lindsey Stewart, Sarah Soltow, Judy, Jenny, and Jackie Shepherd, and the mayor. Lori said there were others whose last name she did not get: Joe the old guy, Devon, Kristoph, and Eric.

Christmas in Shepherdstown-Need I say more? OK, just a few words. Last Friday evening hundreds residents and visitors filled German Street for the annual welcome and tree lighting. The tree was donated by Dan & Byran’s Trees (formerly Sundback’s); it was erected and decorated by the Shepherdstown Rotary Club. Among other volunteer celebrants were the fire department’s bonfire, strolling carolers, and the “put-pockets” handing out candy to attendees. Oh, Santa and Mrs. Claus dropped in as well. Of course, this event does not just appear without a lot of planning and work: Thanks to all involved for providing a memorable night.

The Christmas Parade-Don’t forget tomorrow morning’s annual Christmas Parade down German Street. If you plan on being in the parade, lineup starts at 10 a.m. at Sheetz; the parade begins at 11 a.m., goes east on German and ends at Princess street. (Only icing conditions cancel this parade.)

Free parking-Shepherd University’s Fall Semester will come to a close with the last day of final exams on Wednesday, Dec. 16. Parking in town is free from Dec. 16 to Dec. 27: parking meters and 90-minute zones will be free.

Parking garage-Since the moment Shepherd College, cars, and commuting students met, parking in town has been the longest-running, most-persistent irritant around. Shepherd University has more than 2,000 student commuters; some drive round and round and round seeking a parking spot. SU President Suzanne Shipley announced last week that she is working with town leaders, state legislators, and the governor to locate funds for construction of a 500-car parking garage on campus.

Governor Joe Manchin-in town last week for Senator Robert Byrd’s 92nd birthday celebration-said that in his talks with various local legislators on possible sources of parking garage funds, the table games issue was, so to speak, on the table. Jefferson County voters decide tomorrow whether or not to allow table games at the Charles Town Races and Slots.

Whether table games pass, whether new tax revenue is created are one thing, but an SU parking garage is a necessity, and should be considered.