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Be thankful for loved ones this Christmas 2009

By Staff | Dec 18, 2009

As I prepare to celebrate my eighty-seventh Christmas, I realize how lucky I am. Many people have surgery before their teen years; mine was this year. A “roto-rooter” and four hernias. I was allowed to go home a few hours later. The doctor said “you’re so tough, you can go home.”

The saddest thing that happened this year was my dog Elmo developed cancer and had to be put to sleep. Holding his head while he was put to sleep was the hardest thting I’ve ever had to do.

This is the season to be jolly, so the rest of my letter will be about all the good things!

The Stubbs family came to celebrate my birthday. Their father was one of my dearest friends. Some of the family drove three hours to get here. They have been doing this for ten or more years. After a wonderful dinner, we had cake and ice cream. They gave me great gifts and I had a most enjoyable day.

Not many old guys have such great friends.

The giving of gifts for Christmas gives much pleasure. But the most important thing is the birth of Christ.

Go to the church of your choice and pray for those who are less fortunate. Also, pray for our service men and women that they may come home to their familieis.

My friend Nell Thompson is helping write my life story. I dictate and she wtrites it long hand. I hope to have the book out by early 2010.

During my childhood, my dad’s salary was $30 per month, yet every Christmas we received one gift, costing a dollar or less. The love our parents showed for us more than compensated for the material things we didn’t have.

In closing, I wish you a most blessed Christmas and a very good New Year.

Your friend,

John “Jack” Geary