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Primary roads are primary objective for plows

By Staff | Jan 1, 2010

This is about a weather related issue. Yes, we had a significant weather event. The snow was great to see and enjoy. Mother nature has an interesting sense of humor.

Many areas had an issue with trying to plow the roads for our safety. The problem was, people did not have the common sense to stay home and allow the county to do their jobs.

These plows have to cover a large area. The other roads that are not primary are NOT their primary objective until the main roads are done. People, keep off the roads until the plows are done.

This activity usually takes 24 hours. As soon as the plow trucks are done with the primary roads, they will get to the back roads.

I had a friend out during the storm, and his wife had the bright idea to go out shopping with her pregnant daughter with ice on the ground. The local scanner identified the hazards of getting the civilians off the road in order for the plows to work. I informed a friend of the information, his wife did not care about the situation.

Even with the health hazard for her daughter and weather hazards, people feel its OK to be out in hazard weather conditions. People then start to complain about being involved in car accident or having to wait until an accident situation is resolved. Some people even feel this is an inconvenience.

I have one phrase to resolve this issue: “Stay off the roads and use common sense.”

Matthew Harris

Charles Town