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In 2010, there’s room for improvement in each of us

By Staff | Jan 8, 2010

As I begin the New Year, I’m amazed how things have changed over the years. We were taught there was only one supreme being and one creator. Today, we have courts all over the country.

Many decisions that should be made by one supreme being have been taken over by the courts. By changing the name of an unborn chld to a “fetus,” they have allowed for their lives to be termnated. Life and death is the decision of the creator. We now have creators that create everything from ice cream to pantyhose. To create is make something from nothing.

People today have overrate their own improtance. As I have read, “what fools these mortals be.” Let’s begin to think rationally. No, we don’t have God-like powers.

Let us look for the best in our neighbors. There’s a spark of God’s love in every human heart.

Some fight to have the 10 commandments removed from the courthouses. Perhaps they should read them first. If they were followed, there would be no murder, rape or robbery. The most important is “love your neighbor as yourself.”

In closing, let us ry to improve ourselves and not to change others. We all can stand to improve ourselves. Wishing you a most happy and blessed New Year …

Your friend

John “Jack” Geary