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Town gets new garbage truck

By Staff | Jan 15, 2010

Municipal employees Gary McDowell, left, and Ernie Mose, far right, pose with Mayor Jim Auxer and Public Works Director Frank Welch infront of Shepherdstown's new $100,000 Kenworth Viper garbage truck. Photo by Michael Theis/Chronicle

The Corporation of Shepherdstown has purchased a brand new 2010 Kenworth Viper garbage truck with a New Way trash compactor. The high tech truck features a rear view camera and a microphone system for easy communication between the driver and the trash collector.

How much does a garbage truck run these days? Roughly $108,000, according to town officials. Frank Welch says that $78,000 of the town’s general fund along with $30,000 of municipal video lottery funds were used to purchase the vehicle. Welch says that the Kenworth name carries a lot of weight in the world of municipal trash collection. “It’s a proven vehicle from a very reputable company.”

Recycling grant less

than anticipated

The Town Council approved a budget revision from the finance committee. According to Corporation of Shepherdstown accountant Pat Dowell, the revision was needed because a recycling grant awarded to Shepherdstown was around $39,000 less than requested. Officials had requested $74,290, but only received $34,870. The shortfall will be made up with $18,000 from video lottery funds, with the remaining balance coming from the general fund’s capital reserve already in place, says Dowell. The money will be used to fund and improve the municipal recycling program.

Citizen addresses council

in New Year’s address

Shepherdstown resident Mary Clare Eros urged the Shepherdstown Town Council to approach the issues from all points of view, use their best judgment, but cautioned the council not to blindly follow “the tyranny of the majority” in the coming year.

Reminding the councilors that America is a representative democracy, and elected officials are free to vote as they see fit.

“Do I expect you to act in the best interest of the whole town? Yes, I do. Do I expect you to solicit and listen respectfully to citizen input ? Yes, I do. But as we all say at the end of the day, I say use your own judgment.” Said Eros to the council. “I don’t expect you to go with the majority of whatever has packed the room.”

Her short speech was not on the agenda. Eros delivered her remarks during the open public comment period of the meeting. The Shepherdstown Town Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall on 104 N. King Street

The town council meeting may be heard in its entirety on the web at ShepherdstownChronicle.com