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Census jobs announced

By Staff | Jan 22, 2010

The more people counted in the Census in West Virginia this year, the more of the $400 billion in federal aid will be available to the 19 counties in northern West Virginia covered by the Local Census Office in Morgantown.

The money these counties will receive is given to schools, seniors, social services, health care facilities, highway expansion and repair, and Workforce.

“We are doing our best to ensure West Virginia receives every dollar it is entitled to but we need the help of our residents,” says Steve Dragoo, Manager of the Local Census Office.”

These funds literally mean thousands of jobs for West Virginians, but everyone must act quickly to receive their share of the funds to be distributed.

“We need people to apply for the many positions available for conducting the Census in order to be able to count as many people as possible,” says Dragoo.

The more people counted, the more money the counties will receive from the federal government.

The Local Census Office will hire about 1,000 people in the 19 counties. To apply, call (866) 861-2010 or go to www.2010CensusJobs.gov.

The positions available (census takers, crew leaders, recruiting assistants and clerks) offer good pay; part-time, full-time and flexible hours; and mileage reimbursement.