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Spontaneous fund-raiser showed town’s support

By Staff | Jan 22, 2010

For the past few weeks everyone has been bundled up and staying indoors to stay warm.

That wasn’t the case New Years Eve. There was a benefit for Mason Ellsworth at the Train Station, and I do believe everyone in Shepherdstown and the surrounding area came out.

Understand that this benefit was put together in four days. After speaking with Sylvia Ellsworth, we were able to utilize the train station and realizing there was no scheduled music in town that night, freeing up most of the local musicians, calls were made. A lot of calls were made.

Chris organized the musicians, and with the help of Facebook over 150 people came out, danced all night and donated generously.

I would like to thank all of the musicians who donated their time and effort for an amazing evening, the place was rocking. There were to many musicians to list here, but believe me, they were all there. Thanks for the light show, volunteers at the door, the clean up crew and most of all to the people who donated enough money for the Ellsworth’s to purchase a new, electric bed for Mason.

They needed $1,600 and we made just shy of that! Incredible! Thank you Shepherdstown, it’s what the Season is all about.

Chris Crawford & Lori Robertson