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Officials brace for second winter storm

By Staff | Feb 9, 2010

German Street was closed earlier today for snow removal. Photo by Michael Theis, Chronicle

A second winter storm has descended upon Shepherdstown as municipal work crews and independent contractors race to clear as much snow as possible from last weekends historic blizzard.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for Jefferson County, predicting new snow accumulations between seven and 14 inches.

Flakes had begun falling by around 10 a.m. this morning and is expected to continue into Wednesday, with the heaviest snowfall happening on Wednesday morning.

Temperatures will rise into the upper 20’s and lower 30’s this afternoon before dropping into the mid and upper 20’s tonight. Temperatures will rise to the lower 30’s on Wednesday.

Residents should expect to deal with road closures in Shepherdstown as crews use a large dump trucks and front end loaders to remove massive piles of compressed snow. West German Street was closed off earlier today for snow removal.

The Corporation of Shepherdstown has also issued a call for volunteers to help shovel the elderly and infirmed. The volunteer effort is being led by Shepherd University Student Service Learning director Holly Frye. She says that her volunteers are desperately in need of shovels. “We have 10 people from the Lambda Chi fraternity using only three shovels,” Said Frye by phone on Tuesday morning. Volunteers or good Samaritans able to donate shovels should call Holly Frye at 304-671-4080 for more information. Frye says that she cannot guarantee she can respond to every call, but she says her volunteers will “make every effort possible” to help those in need.

Frye says that some of her volunteers are helping the Department of Homeland Security set up a Red Cross shelter at the Covenant Baptist Church outside of Shepherdstown.

Many local government officials are hoping that the recent winter storms will be declared a national emergency, as municipal and state highway budgets have been hit hard, not just by this storm, but by the entire winter.