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Council, let your lawyer look at annexation lawsCouncil, let your lawyer look at annexation laws

By Staff | Mar 18, 2010

West Virginia law does not allow a town to forcibly annex property owned by a person living in the County. This is so whether the person lives within the County beyond an urban growth boundary around a given town or those County residents living inside the designated urban growth boundary.

The problem with a town annexing property not right next to it – but with intervening property owners, say, along a road – is that there becomes a situation where those owners of intervening property can, under law, be compelled, against their wishes, to tie in to Town sewer lines running by their property.

Again, I urge the Shepherdstown Fathers and Mothers to enlist legal counsel to interpret the portion of the West Virginia code on annexation.

Jim Surkamp

County Commissioner